When it comes to the first line of defense, most organizations lack the needed experience and resources to prepare for attacks. As it stands, this first line of defense are the employees. Only a high level of security awareness guarantees that attackers have a hard time finding the so called soft targets – These are employees that can easily coerced to make small mistakes and thus enable the skillful attacker to inject malicious software into a businesses network, convince employees to divulge secrets or create other openings for the intruder. One wrong step and the business becomes wide open for the intruding force.

The only way of closing this gap is rigorous security training and drills to raise the level of awareness that let the employee realize in the right moment the potential malicious nature of seemingly innocent activities. These drills are expensive and require qualified personal that continuously informs about new threats and helps employees keeping the guards up. It is also imperative to train all employees that have access to IT or physical systems as attackers are skillful in picking the their targets.

To alleviate the burden on organizations and to simplify this process HawkMatrix is rolling out it’s chatbot based training service for cyber security. Gamified and constantly updated training scenarios keep your employees engaged and help raising security awareness across your organization with minimal effort and cost while reaching higher awareness levels than regular training. Employees are engaged in high frequency, but with minimal impact on their work routine. Short stories and mini quizzes deliver high impact content within less than 2 minutes per day.

The advantage of this method of training is that the mind begins to perceive security relevant situations as a game and thus people begin to “seek” those situations which in return guarantees a constant high level of guardianship over your organizations assets.

If you are interested in testing the chatbased training in your organization, please contact us.


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